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How To Create A Tweetable
The More You can integrate Social Media into Your Blog Posts, The Better.
This will enhance your Social Media Optimization.

Giving Your Readers NEW ways to Share your Content generates More interest.
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How NOT to Become a HATER
How NOT to Become a Hater

In Life You will come across people That will attempt to Defame you, Try to hurt you,


It may give you a feeling like you have to retaliate. You Do Not Have to Strike Back.

Their Hating on you is a Reflection of Their Lack of Understanding of Who they Really are

And Not a reflection of who you are. Do not second guess yourself, that is their goal…

Not yours, Your vision is Bigger Than That.

Your Reality Is Better Than that

And You can Resist The Urge To Lash out. Remember Water Rises to Its Own Level.

You Set Your Standard, so all you have to do is Rise up to it.

I believe in you!!
#CyberBullies #Haters

Why You Should Be Using YouTube To Engage with Your Market
Why You Should Be Using YouTube to Engage With Your Market

YouTube is The Number 2 Search Engine, More And more People use YT search to learn about What They are interested in. Second only To Google With OWNS YT.
YouTube is Number 2 In social Media Based off of Unique Hits.
YouTube Converts More Than Any other Social Media Sites. People Are More engaged Here with the Content than Any other Place and Are More likely to Click Links on the Description In order to Learn More about The Content of the Video.
There Is Virtually ZERO competition. Only 17 % Are Actually Creating 50 or more Videos a Year. And Of Those Even FEWER are Doing it right.
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HOW Not To Share Video On Facebook

As a Social Media Entrepreneur, YOU need to Know this.

Facebook Has Changed There Ways when it comes to Images With

Links in the Description. THEY are Hiding it from your People.

It Is Very Important You Learn HOW to Share Video On Facebook

They WAY they Want You To… The Old way Is Gone..No More

Screen captures Of Your Video With The YouTube Link… Your

Success In Getting Your Value In front Of your Audience on Facebook


How NOT to Share Videos On Facebook
Are You Making This Mistake Still?
As Marketers we Need To stay on top of
Especially When It Comes To Making Sure Your
Audience Is RECEIVING your Value.
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YouTube Marketing Tip TWO | Cure “Camera Shy” With One Simple Step
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Legacy Lifestyle Academy Review
Over The Past Two Weeks I have Been a Proud Member and Student Of The Legacy Lifestyle Academy. I Chose to become a member because I was FINALLY in the Place To Say I WANT MORE and I need Help. The Stars Aligned, The Moon settled into position and I found #LLA . This was no Accident. I have been following Anji Longs and Ben Martins Success now for the past six months or so and Have seen tremendous growth and Entrepreneurial maturity develop Along with The lifestyle that commands. I knew I was READY to be mentored, I knew That in order to Finish This year Strong and Lay the Foundations for 2015 I Could No longer Do This Alone, Nor could my business partners and I afford to WAIT until we Figured it all out. Heck I have been at this a minute, and I couldn’t rightfully Be The Mentor I am if I did not Get The Mentoring I need … and Quick. See I am in it for the Long game, however I know The Speed in which Business moves and How quickly we must learn to adapt to the Network Marketing Industry. See, no matter What level You are at or what point in your Journey, YOU need Mentorship. All You need To Be is SERIOUS about Creating Your Legacy. Lets Create The Legacy Together!
My Personal Results in two Weeks:
1- 120 NEW Subscribers
2- My First Product is Complete and will Be Launched the 18th
3- Learned How To Create A VALUE packed Funnel
4- Developed a Far More Effective Work Schedule
5- My Income Has Increased.. Almost Doubled what I normally earn in a month.. Not because Im Running hard with a company.. Because I’m running hard for myself, My Business, My Vision and My team.

The Legacy Lifestyle Academy Improves Daily As new Training’s are Constantly and consistently added, Bringing Far more Value than I have seen before in a product like this.
Here’s To Our Finest Life,
Coach T
#BusinessMentorship #LLA # Mentor #Bschool


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— Begin Transcript —

I’m always asked by people, Brendon, how do you deal with disappointment?

I always wonder why they’re asking that. I’m like; do they think I’m disappointed a lot? I mean, have I failed so much in my life so publicly that it’s obvious that I must be disappointed with something? Maybe they just see my face and they must say, when he looks in the mirror he must be quite disappointed in the morning. I never really know why they ask that, I think it’s kind of a funny thing.

I think disappointment, that it’s unfortunate that so many people actually even think about it or struggle with it at all. I think when you reach another level of, sort of, the conscious plane, that you start to realize, that all disappointment is make believe.

There is nothing to be disappointed about, that everything that turned out today is as it should be by the universes edict.

When you learn to allow and accept reality as it is today, based on where you are and what has happened, it’s not a bad thing, and there’s nothing wrong or negative to feel about it.

Some people, here’s how they want to deal with it though. They’re going to tell you all the time, I know how to handle your disappointments. You know what you need to do? You need to set lower expectations. Your expectations young woman are too high for yourself. So, when you don’t do well you should feel disappointed and naturally you would feel disappointed, because you need to lower your standards. I’m like what? No!

Everything that has made humanity great was setting high standards and having high visions for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with expecting a lot of ourselves.

You should expect a lot of yourselves. I expect

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