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I’m always asked by people, Brendon, how do you deal with disappointment?

I always wonder why they’re asking that. I’m like; do they think I’m disappointed a lot? I mean, have I failed so much in my life so publicly that it’s obvious that I must be disappointed with something? Maybe they just see my face and they must say, when he looks in the mirror he must be quite disappointed in the morning. I never really know why they ask that, I think it’s kind of a funny thing.

I think disappointment, that it’s unfortunate that so many people actually even think about it or struggle with it at all. I think when you reach another level of, sort of, the conscious plane, that you start to realize, that all disappointment is make believe.

There is nothing to be disappointed about, that everything that turned out today is as it should be by the universes edict.

When you learn to allow and accept reality as it is today, based on where you are and what has happened, it’s not a bad thing, and there’s nothing wrong or negative to feel about it.

Some people, here’s how they want to deal with it though. They’re going to tell you all the time, I know how to handle your disappointments. You know what you need to do? You need to set lower expectations. Your expectations young woman are too high for yourself. So, when you don’t do well you should feel disappointed and naturally you would feel disappointed, because you need to lower your standards. I’m like what? No!

Everything that has made humanity great was setting high standards and having high visions for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with expecting a lot of ourselves.

You should expect a lot of yourselves. I expect

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I am
that different
different beasts
in you.
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Still Life
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A shot I forgot about from this past August back in CO. Thanks to my buddy Matt Hobbs with Vital Films for getting me to this location. This shot was from the same night I did the shots, which facebook did not approve of :) with Leslie. I did a full vertical pano with this but was only able to get half to stitch, but think I like the overall comp.

More night photos: